On Sundays We Eat Spaghetti English Pils 4.5% (440ml)
Pressure Drop

On Sundays We Eat Spaghetti English Pils 4.5% (440ml)

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  • Style : English pils 
  • ABV : 4.5% 
  • Region : London 

  • "A classic light malt base with a fragrant meadow hop character.
    Hops are not dissimilar to wine grapes in their regional variation, we find that English varieties work particularly well in cleaner, more balanced beer styles bringing a delicate and nuanced flavour. 
    We worked with master growers Brook House Hops in Hertfordshire to select the lots used in this beer. Brook House have a dedication to improving the quality of English grown hops and we're really excited to see what else they come out with in the future. " - Pressure Drop

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